Blog Ground Rules

Never reveal sensitive information: Even if information is not technically classified, if it provides specific references to tactics and techniques used by military or security forces not published in open-source documents then it should be considered sensitive. The Special Tactics staff will remove any sensitive information from the site immediately. There is a lot to discuss about tactics without revealing sensitive information.

Be candid but be professional: This blog is for thick-skinned individuals. The Special Tactics staff will not pull any punches and we don’t expect our readers to either. Harsh criticism can save lives. However, insults and disrespectful comments have no place in a professional discussion. If you feel offended by comments on this site, fight back, defend your position and help deepen everyone’s tactical knowledge.

Avoid falling back on rank or credentials: One of the biggest factors that holds back the growth and spread of tactical wisdom is ego and narrow-mindedness. It is amazing how offended some people can get when you criticize their tactics. The way around this is to keep the conversation focused on the tactics themselves, their advantages and disadvantages. A tactic is not good simply because it is endorsed by a General or practiced by an elite unit. Rather a tactic is only good if it can be backed-up with a logical, common-sense argument.