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Winning the Fight Now Shipping

Winning the Fight is now shipping and the Amazon Kindle version is coming soon. One of the oldest maxims of combat, is that the core fundamentals for success remain the same whether you are defending your home from an intruder or commanding a combined arms task force in conventional warfare. This book provides clear, concise, practical guidelines for how to increase your chances of victory in any hostile encounter and is designed to radically change the way you think about problems, assess threats, train for combat, plan contingencies and adapt to unexpected changes.



Winning the Fight (Part 1): Managing Uncertainty

How can we prepare for the unexpected? Whether you are a military leader, law enforcement officer, or a citizen trying to protect your home, attempting to answer this question is critically important for your success. All the great military theorists in history, from Sun Tzu to Carl von Clausewitz, have emphasized the uncertainty of combat and historical trends suggest that our chances of predicting future events are extremely low. If this is the case, how can we prepare for what we cannot predict? Drawing from Special Tactics’ new book, Winning the Fight, this article suggests two ways to prepare for the unexpected and increase your chances of success in combat,


Maneuver Warfare: Common Misconceptions (Pt. 1)

Proponents of Maneuver Warfare are often labeled as mavericks who have trouble conforming to military culture and discipline. In turn, "Maneuverists" often brand their opponents as uncreative micromanagers who can only win with overwhelming firepower. However, such heated debates are often misguided and founded on misunderstanding. Several key insights can help illuminate the true essence of Maneuver Warfare and its opposite: “Synchronization Warfare.”