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Defensive Planning (Part 1): Contingency Planning and Threat Courses of Action

The fundamentals for planning a good defense are the same, whether you are a military planner preparing to defend South Korea, a law enforcement/security professional assigned to secure a compound/event or a citizen trying to defend your home and family from an intruder. This article is the first in a 3-part series on defensive planning. This first part deals with anticipating the threat and making contingency accordingly.

The Biggest Obstacle to Tactical Progress… and How to Beat It

When tactical professionals get together to train or share ideas, they often waste most of their time arguing with each other and have little to show for it at the end of the day. With the threat level rising both at home and overseas, wasting precious training time and failing to make progress as an individual or a unit can have deadly consequences. Therefore, we believe that trying to solve the age-old problem of the “tactical argument” is a very important effort.

SITREP: New Publications and Post Schedule

Special Tactics is planning some major evolutions, including more articles/debates and the release next month of three new titles that are now available for pre-order. In the coming weeks, Special Tactics will be posting blog articles that relate to these upcoming titles as well as the current selection of tactical manuals. There is also some additional post-activity and new website functionality planned so stay tuned.