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Comprehensive Combat Fitness Now Shipping

We are very glad to announce that the Comprehensive Combat Fitness manual is finally ready to ship. The manual provides detailed instructions for creating a comprehensive fitness program designed to directly enhance your combat performance in a real-life scenario. The manual is designed to be flexible and does not aim to replace your existing fitness program, but rather to help you achieve greater results using whatever works for you. It provides scientifically proven methods to integrate your workouts, manage your recovery, measure your progress and adjust routines to your specific mission requirements and body type.


Combat Fitness (Part 2): Performance Evaluations

This second installment in our three-part article on combat fitness provides some examples and suggestions for how to develop “combat performance evaluations.” Most performance evaluations in military or LE units test only one skill/attribute at a time (marksmanship, fitness, casualty care) in an isolated environment. An effective combat performance evaluation tests multiple skills/attributes simultaneously under realistic conditions, with little or no warning provided to those being evaluated. The article provides examples for both law enforcement and military, with low-budget and high-budget variations included.


Combat Fitness (Part 1): A Mission-Focused Approach

Many debates on tactical fitness focus on the question of which exercise or routines are the most effective. We believe the more important question is, how do we measure whether a fitness program actually improves effectiveness in a given mission set? Part 1 of this three-part article offers five common sense fitness principles that provide a good starting point for answering this question. Whether you are a unit leader/commander or an individual citizen, the same core principles of combat performance evaluation, program development, physical performance testing, personalized adjustment and worst-case scenario planning can help greatly improve your combat fitness and mission readiness.